Nice and Easy

I was on a Mediterranean cruise. I was looking at the list of excursions. There it was – Nice and Eze.  My brain read Nice and Easy; hmmm, that sounds interesting. My mouth said “What do they mean, Nice and Eze excursion? And do they know they misspelled easy? So glad I asked my boyfriend and not the cruise director. Embarrassing!!!!! Turns out Nice and Eze are charming destinations on the French Riviera. Eze is a medieval village with a wonderful ocean view, tiny stone streets and secret alleys, overgrown with flowering vines.

Eze Village, France photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Nice is the fifth most populous city in France. The narrow streets of the “old city” are flanked by tall houses painted in warm reds, yellows and ocher. It’s a mix of city grit, old-world opulence, year-round sunshine and a stunning seaside view. Nice is  a magnet for  the lavish, see and be seen, people since the 19th century. This charming coastal city has so much going for it, fabulous architecture, super restaurants, and glorious markets. It isn’t perfect but, in my opinion, it’s pretty close.

Old town architecture of Nice on French Riviera
Nice, France   photo courtesy of

I’m saving up to go back, on my own, for a nice and easy stay in Nice and Eze. Care to join me?


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