Is it ever okay to lie?

Is lying a black and white area, or are there shades of gray? Say you are at work, a co-worker tells you they lied about something and asks you to keep it to yourself. They also let you know that if they are confronted regarding the situation, they will deny everything.

moral dilemma

Do you keep it to yourself? Do you tell the boss? Do you suggest to your co-worker that they should “come clean” with the boss? Is your decision based on whether it’s a BIG lie or a tiny lie?

What would you do and why?right

7 thoughts on “Is it ever okay to lie?

  1. I guess it depends on how it affects work or people. If it doesn’t affect the job or anyone at work, let it be. If it affects the workplace greatly, I think I would strongly encourage them to come clean.

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  2. That’s tough. I pride myself on honesty but admit that little white lies (almost always meant to save my ass or the ass of someone I love) have slipped out occasionally. Nothing I’m proud of, but there it is.

    As for the lies of a friend/coworker . . . Unless it’s something that will directly and adversely affect others, it’s not in my hula hoop and it’s not my business. Wrong or right, I leave it alone.

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