Revisiting Kindness

We have talked about being kind to others, now let’s talk about being kind to ourselves. You are someone you should cherish. You can start with these 10 simple self-care tips :

  1. Take a nap – reduces stress, boosts creativity
  2. Eat healthily – nourish your body to feel and look better
  3. Move – get up and do something, do yoga, take a walk or put on some music and dance!
  4. Pamper yourself – soak in a hot bath, get a relaxing face massage, new haircut or a pedicure
  5. Unplug –  no social media, no emails, no internet…nothing
  6. Create something (anything) – plant, paint, build, bake
  7. Do something new – get out of your comfort zone and be bold
  8. Be still – find a beautiful place and just be still
  9. Laugh – loud and often
  10. Just be you – YOU ARE AMAZING


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