Sweet, Sweet Story

A momma is nursing her 2 year-old son.  Momma’s been hollerin’. It’s been a rough,  2 year-old asserting his freedom kind of day.  They are calming and settling down and getting snuggly with each other.  Momma kisses him on the top of the head and says “I love you”. He pulls away and puts his little hand on his heart then puts the same little hand on hers.  Surprised she says “That’s right, we love with our heart. Who told you that we love with our heart?” His answer, “God”.  Momma is amazed and overcome with emotion. They continue to snuggle and love each other; he falls asleep.

Curious, Momma calls the babysitter to ask if she has been talking, about love and God, to the boy.  It wasn’t the babysitter. Momma talks, later that evening, to her other son, who is 10 years old. She retells the tale to him and asks, “Have you been talking to your brother about God and love”?  “Yes, I have” answers the 10-year-old.

the boys

What a wonderful story about love, God’s love, a momma’s love and the love between brothers. This sweet,sweet story is true and about my oldest daughter Lexie and her sons Jett (10) and Joaquin (2). Sorry about lack of your face in the pic, Lexie. I love you.<3

lex Jett Q



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