Some Thoughts On Thoughts


When I have negative thoughts I tend to hold on to them, accept them as true. I sulk. I know I am sucking at life.  I get pissed off when someone is the voice of reason and tells me to suck it up, that things aren’t as bad as they seem, to let it go. I would rather cry and scream, hit something, stomp my feet, and have an “oh, woe is me” party. Would you like to join me? Probably not. You would rather call me out because you see me, a smart capable independent woman, wallowing in self-worthlessness instead of getting on with things and living up to my potential.

I totally get that. I know that frustration. I feel the same way when someone I know, who is smart, capable and independent, doesn’t want to listen to my advice and is letting their thoughts control them.

Yep, that’s right. We are letting our thoughts control us. We need to turn that around and realize that we are in control of our thoughts.

Consider this: The thought you are having right now is your thought and yours alone. We like to think that our thoughts affect those around us. The reality is, no one else even knows they exist. Everyone else is having their own thoughts.  Our thoughts aren’t real until we allow them to be by believing they are true and feeding into them. If we don’t pay attention to them or give them credence they just go away.

Thoughts are just that…thoughts. They show up and it’s totally up to us whether we hold on to them or let them go.



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