Life is Messy

   embrace  So here we are,

living our lives, looking at everyone else and thinking – Gosh, they certainly have it all together. (Alright, ‘gosh’ is the really mild version.)

We catch ourselves wondering how their lives can be so smooth and easy while ours is so difficult and messy.

When we stop and take a good look though, we realize everyone is dealing with some kind of stress and/or difficulties. It can be big things like work, kids, money, and family or it can be something as simple as running out of paper towels or misplacing our keys. Things do not always go as planned. Ups and downs are inescapable, and when the going gets rough most of us flip out and lose our shit.  Life is messy.

IT’S OKAY –   no need to panic – life is supposed to be messy. Some of the best things in life are messy.  Relationships, raising children (not to mention having children), food,  animals, the great outdoors, and all things related to adulting are some of the messy parts of life.

Are we failing at life because ours is messy? Nope.  We should embrace and experience the messiness with gusto. If we just get out there and live life, messy as it is,  think of how much we can grow and learn. Here’s to a wonderfully messy life.





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